TSMC 3nm will dominate for 2-3 years

       TSMC, the leader of wafer foundry, recently held an annual technology forum to announce that the 3-nanometer N3 process will enter mass production in the second half of the year as scheduled, and tsmcfinflex technology supporting N3 will be launched, further improving the performance, power consumption efficiency and density of the 3-nanometer family technology. The legal person is optimistic that TSMC 3 nano nodes can dominate the advanced manufacturing market for 2-3 years, and take all orders of artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC), which has the opportunity to inject a strong shot into the recent weak stock price.
  TSMC's 2022 technology forum announced the 3-nanometer family technology. From 2022 to 2025, it will successively launch N3, n3e, n3p, n3x and other processes. In the future, it will also launch the optimized n3s process, covering four major platform applications such as smart phones, Internet of things, automotive electronics and high-performance computing. Among them, TSMC finflex technology innovation enables chip designers to use the same design tools on the same chip to select the best fin structure to support each key functional area块。
  The recent performance of TSMC's stock price has been weak. On the 1st, the stock price fell sharply by 4.73% to 453.5 yuan, returning to the level of November 2020. The stock price fell by 229.5 yuan in total from the record high of 683 yuan written in the middle of January 2022, a drop of more than 30%. TSMC's ADR performance was also weak at the same time. On the 1st, us time, it closed down 5.81% to US $77, which has returned to the water level of August 2020.
  The legal person pointed out that TSMC has a leading position in the market in the advanced manufacturing process, and the subsequent 3-nanometer manufacturing process is expected to dominate the market for 2 to 3 years. Driven by the continued purchase of orders from major customers such as apple, Intel, Huida and MediaTek, it has the opportunity to inject a strong shot into the depressed stock price performance.

        TSMC finflex technology has 3-2 fin, 2-2 fin and 2-1 fin structures to choose from. Among them, 3-2 fin provides the fastest clock rate and the highest performance to support the highest requirements of operation. 2-2 fin provides efficient performance to achieve the best balance between performance, power consumption efficiency and density. 2-1 fin provides the highest power consumption efficiency, the lowest power consumption and leakage, and the highest density.

        In addition to the above progress, the TSMC technology blueprint also describes the latest progress of the 2-nm N2 process. In addition to the basic version of mobile computing, the N2 technology platform also covers the HPC version and a complete chiplet integration solution. The N2 process is expected to start mass production in 2025.

Source: Business Times