Changdian technology realizes 4nm chip packaging

Recently, Changdian technology said on the interactive platform that the company has been able to realize the packaging of 4nm mobile phone chips, as well as the integrated packaging of CPU, GPU and RF chips, making another breakthrough in advanced packaging technology.

In July last year, Changdian technology released xdfoi multi-dimensional advanced packaging technology, which can provide a full range of solutions for high-density heterogeneous integration and also lay the foundation for the breakthrough of 4nm advanced process packaging technology.

It is understood that advanced process chips such as 4nm often face challenges such as connection and heat dissipation in the process of sealing and testing. Therefore, in the packaging of advanced process chips, multi-dimensional heterogeneous packaging technology is often used. According to the introduction of Changdian technology, compared with the traditional chip stacking technology, the advantage of multi-dimensional heterogeneous packaging is that it can realize higher density chip packaging by introducing the intermediary layer and its multi-dimensional combination. At the same time, multi-dimensional heterogeneous packaging can achieve an effective balance between performance and cost by optimizing the combination of wiring and interconnection of different densities through the intermediary layer.

Previously, Li Chunxing, chief technology officer of Changdian technology, publicly said: "the progress of Moore's law is slowing down, and the rapid development of information technology and the accelerated popularization of digital transformation have stimulated a large number of diversified computing power demands. Therefore, heterogeneous integration technology that can efficiently improve the IO density and computing power density in the chip is regarded as a new opportunity for the development of advanced packaging technology."

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult to improve the cost, power consumption and performance of chips simply by relying on size reduction. The post Moore era is coming, and advanced packaging technology is regarded as one of the disruptive technologies in the post Moore era. Yole data shows that the total revenue of the global advanced packaging market last year reached US $32.1 billion, and it is expected that the compound annual growth rate will reach 10% by 2027.

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